Holy Name Society - Niagara
Representing the following St. Catharines, Ontario Diocese Parishes: Lady of The Scapular, St. Thomas More,  St. Vincent De Paul,  St. Alfreds, St Kevins, and Immaculée Conception.
We also greatly support our brothers in the Buffalo NY Diocese.

Holy Name Societies -  World Wide Societies Search

Last Updated March 2020 (to be updated in near future)

Below are a few of the many Holy Name Societies of a search were performed a few years ago. Please submit your site should you wish to be listed here on our web site.

We could spend countless hours searching of other similar websites worldwide and list them here. Sites found In Canada, USA, Spain, Philippines, and Hawaii are just a few we came across. Believe us that there are many more not listed here.  The main point being that “Holy Name Societies” are alive and abundant worldwide !!!

The sites listed below are not in any particular order at this time.
National Holy Name Society (USA)  http://www.nahns.com/

Saint Benedict Roman Catholic Church (USA) http://www.saintbenedicts.com/index.php/organizations/holy-name-society

Diocese of Buffalo Holy Name Society (USA) https://www.buffalodiocese.org/holy-name-society

Our Lady of Peace Roman Catholic Church (USA) http://www.olpclarence.org/Holy-Name-Society

St. John Vianney Roman Catholic Church (USA)

Archdiocesan Union of New Orleans Holy Name Society (USA) http://www.noauhns.org/Default
New York City Fire Dept. Holy Name Society (USA) http://www.fdnyholynamesociety.com

New York City Police Dept. Holy Name Society (USA) http://www.nypdholyname.com

Nassau County Police Dept. Holy Name Society http://policeholyname.org/

Philadelphia Archdiocesan Holy Name Union (USA) http://pahnu1.weebly.com/

Archdiocese St. Paul / Minneapolis Holy Name Society (USA) http://www.nomensanctum.org

Our Lady of Mercy (USA) http://www.ourladyofmercy.org/holyname.php

St. Augustine Catholic Church (USA) http://saintaugustine-dc.org/adult-activities/holy-name-society/

St. Bartholomew Parish (USA) http://www.rc.net/providence/stbartholomew/holyname.html

Holy Name Society of the Philippines (Philippines) http://www.hnsphil.org/

Parroquia y Escuela de Santa Maria (Spain) http://www.saintmaryplano.com/holy-name-society/?lang=es

Immaculate Conception Church (Hawaii)  http://www.immaculateconceptionewa.com/news/holy-name-society-annual-pro-life-luncheon/

Saint Anselm Church http://stanselmbayridge.org/organizations/holy-name-society

Archdiocesan Union of the Holy Name Society of New York (USA) http://hnsbronxdiv.my-free.website/

Our Lady Queen of Peace Church (USA)  http://olqp-maywood.org/holy_name_society.html

Holy Name of Jesus Church http://hnojchurch.org/holy-name-society/

Catholic Star Herald (USA) 

Our Lady of the Valley (USA) https://olvwayne.org/holy-name-society
St. Anthony Roman Catholic Church (USA) https://stanthony-hawthorne.org/holy-name-society

Church of the Annunciation (USA) http://www.annunciation.cc/Ministries/Holy-Name-Society/8

Dominican Friars - Province of the Most Holy Name of Jesus http://opwest.org/howweserve/ministries/holyname

Other Interesting Links

Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Society_of_the_Holy_Name

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HolyNameSociety

BlogSpot http://holynamesociety.blogspot.ca/